Dean House

Christopher Dean –was born on July 27, 1958 in Calverton, Nottingham, arriving as a pupil of Colonel Frank Seely School in 1969.

During his time here he was captain of the football team and became British Junior Dance champions. In 1974 he left school to join the Nottingham Police Force. This was a very challenging time as his training schedule often clashed with his cadet training. He has said that this was the time that bought Torvill and Dean closer together and gave them a sense of discipline that set the tone for their career.  In 1984 they danced the Bolero. They received nine 6.0 marks for artistic impression, (three more for technical merit for a total of twelve 6.0 marks) the highest possible score and the only time ever that an all-perfect score was achieved. It was one of the most popular achievements in the history of British sport, watched by a British television audience of 24 million people. This was a testament to their determination, resilience and discipline; the core values of our house.

Christopher Dean has achieved 2 honours for his work both on and off the ice, he was awarded a MBE awarded 1981 and then an OBE awarded 2000.

Dean House core values:

Determination – is a positive emotional feeling that involves persevering towards a difficult goal in spite of obstacles.

Resilience – is the process of adapting well in the face of adversity, trauma, tragedy or failure… never giving up.

Discipline – is the ability you have to control and motivate yourself, stay on track and do what is right.

Dean House charity

Rainbow Trust – supports families who have a child aged 0-18 years with a life threatening or terminal illness.

Dean – Head of House: Mrs A Pears

House Support Assistant: Miss L Athorn
SLT Link: Mrs G Evans

Mrs Pears went to Joseph Whitaker School in Rainworth.  After discovering a passion for Science during GCSE’s and A Level and an interest in working with young people, she studied a Science in Education degree at Sheffield Hallam University. After 5 years teaching in a school in Norfolk she decided she wanted to move closer to her parents so started working at Colonel Frank Seely School in 2006. During her time here she has been Head of Vocational Studies, Third in Science,  Assistant Head of House, Head of Year and is currently very proud to be Head of Dean House.

Mrs Pears enjoys reading both fiction and non-fiction and is currently trying to improve her artistic side by learning Crochet and dip pen calligraphy.